Wireless - 90.20µs NY4 to NY11

Our new 5G wireless service offers 90.20µs DEMARC to DEMARC from NY4 to NY11 (1400 Federal Blvd)

This is the best metro wireless product on the market for 3 reasons.  Click below for more info.

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For firms seeking between 1 Gbps to 1 Tbps in a cost-effective, reliable and diverse managed service, Spread Networks offers wavelength services. Spread's Low Latency Wave Service offers customers cost effective high bandwidth and low latency on our all new and diverse fiber network.

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Dark Fiber

Spread Networks offers firms a fresh supply of dark fiber on a completely new route -the shortest possible route from Chicago to New York. Ideally suited for customers that demand complete operational control, low-latency and virtually limitless bandwidth, Spread Networks dark fiber is the ultimate solution.

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Ultra Low-Latency Services

Spread Networks® was built from the ground up to set a new standard for latency from Chicago to New York.  We trenched a new route - a direct route with microseconds in mind-to provide firms with the fastest possible speed on the shortest possible route.  For firms where every microsecond counts and who want full control over their network from Chicago to New York, Spread Networks offers dedicated ultra-low latency dark fiber networks, wavelength services, and collocation on the fastest path.

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Latest News

Spread Networks Announces 5G Wireless Latency Improvements

Spread Networks to Deliver the Highest Bandwidth, Lowest Latency Service on the Market, 5 Gigabits at 90.20 Microseconds from Carteret to Secaucus, New Jersey


Spread Networks is exclusive channel partner for fastest route between Carteret NJ and BM&F Bovespa

Spread Networks Provides 300Gbps Fiber Optic Backbone for Sunesys Between Chicago, Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Spread Networks announced that it has entered into an agreement with Sunesys to provide a 300 gigabit per second fiber optic backbone between datacenters in Chicago, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Spread Network's will power a portion of Sunesys' recently announced lit services product expansion and new state-of-the-art data center transport network, "SunTran", with its world class high bandwidth connectivity.