Spread Networks works closely with carriers seeking fiber-based, high bandwidth solutions to meet their growing needs for intercity bandwidth in the Northeast.

From Tier 1 carriers to regional CLECs, Spread Networks is able to provide customized solutions for any type of provider.  We will work with you to structure a platform that meets your operational and technical specifications on a network built for reliability and cost-effective bandwidth. Our high-bandwidth carrier services are designed to transport voice, video and data traffic for regional, national, and international telecommunications service providers.

Traders and Financial Firms

For trading firms where every microsecond counts and who want full control over their network from Chicago to New York, Spread Networks offers reliable, high-bandwidth communications solutions on the shortest route between New York and Chicago.  Our dark fiber and wavelength solutions provide unparalleled low latency between Chicago and New York combined with the ability to control your own network.

Healthcare and Government

For government agencies seeking secure, reliable solutions for transporting mission-critical data, or healthcare institutions sharing medical images or patient records, Spread Networks offers a range of dedicated Ethernet, wavelength and fiber-based platforms.  With network access points across the Northeast, we are an ideal provider for regional healthcare systems or government agencies seeking to link to their sites across the region.  We are happy to work with you to develop a custom communications solution for your enterprise needs.

Research and Education

Spread Networks works with regional research and education networks across the Northeast and Midwest to provide additional reach and reliability to their existing high performance networks.  Please contact us if we can expand the footprint of your R&E network, with a reliabile, high-bandwidth and cost-effective platform.