Carteret to Chicago Dark Fiber – 13.00 milliseconds roundtrip

The best way to maintain consistent low latency is to control your own network by operating on your own dark fiber system. Controlling your own network allows you to eliminate excess drag by choosing the most appropriate hardware solutions to fit your specific needs.

Spread Networks® offers financial firms a fresh supply of dark fiber on a completely new route-the shortest possible route from Chicago to New York. A dark fiber network allows you to:

  • Take control of Chicago to New York telecommunications
  • Operate enterprise networks free of typical telecommunications drag
  • Run at the fastest possible speed on the shortest possible route
  • Quickly and easily add channels to facilitate new trading strategies

Our fiber, along with a custom package offering from one of our Certified Network Equipment Providers, allows financial firms to control their own network at a round-trip latency of sub-13.00 ms from Chicago to New York.

This unique opportunity provides financial firms with the tools they need to run their own private optical networks - enabling them to trade more efficiently and profitably between Chicago and New York.