Two Metro Wireless options from Carteret to Secaucus

Spread Networks is providing two Wireless Service options between Carteret and Secaucus, from 1400 Federal Boulevard to either NY2 (275 Hartz Way) or NY4 (755 Secaucus). This service offers bandwidths from 100mbps up to 1Gbps per customer with a Latency Guarantee of 186μs to NY2 and 190μs to NY4. Spread Networks uses a novel hardware solution that is backed by the industry's best network management.

Spread's exclusive and unique wireless product offers guaranteed bandwidth allocation with no policing necessary. Our custom FPGA delivers "TDM over Ethernet" performance and exclusive millimeter wave radios enable industry-leading latency, bandwidth, and reliability.

Network latency, reliability and security are our priorities, and we go above and beyond the traditional approach to network monitoring and management to better serve our customers. The network is monitored 24/7/365 from our operations center in Atlanta, Georgia, ensuring efficient customer communication and problem resolution.

Key Benefits

Spread Wireless is a new platform that will provide the lowest latency with the most bandwidth for an unbeatable combination. 
Spread set the standard for excellence with our fiber network, and we have done the same with wireless, offering the best possible performance and service.
If we don't meet our Latency Guarantee, or the network is down, then you don't pay. No excuses. 


For more information, contact Drake Livingston at 646.837.0330 or sales@spreadnetworks.com.