Wireless - 90.30µs NY4 to NY11

Our new 5G wireless service offers 90.30µs DEMARC TO DEMARC from NY4 to NY11 (1400 Federal Blvd)

This is the best metro wireless product on the market for 3 reasons:

Lowest Latency - Our quoted operational latency of 90.30µs 1-way/ 180.60µs roundtrip is the actual latency from cabinet demarcation to cabinet demarcation. Other companies quote only "wireless network" which means "radio to radio" which excludes significant sources of latency that exist between the radio and the cabinet demarcation point.  No other service provider can quote a lower latency from demarc to demarc.

Most Bandwidth - We have 5X the bandwidth of a typical low latency wireless network.  At a line rate of 5 gigabits, we can process a 64 byte packet in 100 nanoseconds which is 5 times faster than a typical system.

Highest Reliability - We offer 99.5% availability with a "no excuses" SLA.  We will issue a credit for every minute we fail to meet our SLA FOR ANY REASON (e.g. rain, wind, labor strikes, floods, earthquakes, whatever…).  We stand alone in the industry with this kind of guarantee.

This new service will be live and ready for service on October 8, 2017.


For more information, contact Drake Livingston at 646.837.0330 or sales@spreadnetworks.com.